Camping Tips: 4 Reasons to Take a Spring Camping Trip

Many campers choose to take their vacations during the summer to avoid conflicts with school. However, traveling in the spring can be a better time to book your stay at the campground for a few reasons. Below, we’ll show you our camping tips for why RVing in the springtime is where it’s at!

Mild Temperatures

One of the best reasons to camp in the springtime is that the temperatures are lower, so you won’t have to run your AC as long during the day. Additionally, you can leave your windows open at night and enjoy the sounds of nature while you drift off to sleep. The mild weather also means you’ll have nights cool enough to enjoy your campfire.

Fewer Bugs

Another reason to camp in the spring is that most of the usual campground pests aren’t out yet, so you can enjoy your camping trip without mosquitos and ticks. Additionally, ants aren’t as prevalent during the spring, so it’s a much better time to travel if you’d like to avoid bugs.


As mentioned above, the cooler temperatures in springtime mean you’ll have a more pleasant time around the campfire. You can build a fire in the morning to warm up while you drink your coffee and get ready for the day. Then, at night, your campfire and a jacket will be the perfect combination for keeping warm before heading to bed.

Off-Season Camping Discounts

Because the spring is the off-season for most campgrounds, and many are just starting to reopen after being closed all winter, you can often find deals on campsites that are lower than standard pricing. Ask about the best weekend or any pricing specials they may be running on low-traffic weeks to find the perfect time to visit. You’ll find even better pricing when you book ahead of time.

Picking the perfect time to travel is just part of what it takes to plan the ideal camping vacation. Contact us to find your ideal RV today.

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